Welcome 2021!

Goals! Resolutions! New Starts! It is what each new year is all about. Most of us go into the new year feeling excited and optimistic, saying all the things we want to become/achieve, but do we ever have a plan on how to reach those goals? I think it is safe to say that mostContinue reading “Welcome 2021!”

The past is ever present…

and detrimental to your future. I have been going through some things as of late. Things unexpected and out of my control…but some things I have no one to blame but myself. Here is a quick little background on me. I grew up in a family of mental illness, and learned early I was unableContinue reading “The past is ever present…”

Addiction…it can happen to anyone

Sad, scary, frightening, infuriating…real. Is it an illness? Is it a lifestyle choice? People will answer this different ways. I seem to always find myself riding somewhere in the middle. Yes, I do believe it is an illness, but whether you seek treatment or not is a choice. Now before everyone starts screaming at me,Continue reading “Addiction…it can happen to anyone”


Life sure does throw a few doesn’t it? Believe me, I have caught my fair share, some I have even taken square in the face. Nevertheless, I just keep trucking along. What else can you do? None of us have time for the much needed nervous breakdown we all deserve, at least I don’t. MyContinue reading “Curveballs…”

What Makes You Better…

…than someone else? Is it success? Is it wealth? Is it an overabundance of friends and family? No, the only thing that could potentially make you “better” than another human being is how you treat people in your life. For example, maybe you have worked very hard to achieve your dreams, while other people areContinue reading “What Makes You Better…”


It is passing far too quickly. There are only 6 days left until Christmas and sadly it doesn’t even feel like it. Does anyone else ever feel that way with the holidays? There is so much hoopla to prepare, and before you know it it’s gone. It seems as though I blink and time passes,Continue reading “Time…”

Gone Too Soon…

How many times have we said this, heard this? Thousands perhaps, and now here we find ourselves saying it yet again. The passing of Paul Walker is nothing short of tragic and shocking, and I certainly send prayers to his family and friends, but let us try to take this tragedy as an opportunity toContinue reading “Gone Too Soon…”

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope each of you had a wonderful holiday. It was a cold day here, but easily warmed by being with the ones I love. I am so very thankful for them! It was also warmed by the Detroit Lions winning over Green Bay! Let us give thanks for this holiday miracle!! 🙂 True toContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Dallas Buyers Club

‘Tis the season of being thankful, and while I have many things to be thankful for I now have a new one to add to the list, Dallas Buyers Club. I often find myself drawn to indie films more than mainstream, due in part to their realism. And quite often, in my opinion, much betterContinue reading “Dallas Buyers Club”

Decisions, Decisions…

We all have to make them. Sometimes they are as simple as deciding what pair of socks go best with an outfit, or if you want your hair parted to the left today. But sometimes the decisions that need to be made take a little more time, care and consideration. With these more complex decisionsContinue reading “Decisions, Decisions…”

Duct Tape, Super Glue & Rubber Bands…

All our trusty standby’s for when we need to fix something, but unfortunately they cannot fix everything. It would be wonderful if we could super glue a broken heart back together, duct tape a fractured relationship to hold it in place, or rubber band trust to keep it secure. Yes, that would be a beautifulContinue reading “Duct Tape, Super Glue & Rubber Bands…”

Yesterdays and Tomorrows

There is a quote I heard on one of my favorite television shows that says, “You get to a point in your life where you realize you’ve got more yesterdays than tomorrows.” I believe I am far from that point, but I do hope that for however many tomorrows I have left, I won’t haveContinue reading “Yesterdays and Tomorrows”

The Comfort of Depression

Sounds confusing right? When is depression ever comfortable? Well trust me, I have discovered over the course of many conversations with various people that it is in fact a place of comfort. I have dealt with my own fair share of depression, my own and that of those I have loved. You yourself have dealtContinue reading “The Comfort of Depression”

Unrequited Love…

What is it? By Definition it is “not reciprocated or returned in kind”, this seems painfully and obviously true, but is there something deeper to it? When you love someone, and you have spent a somewhat significant portion of your life with them, how can they simply feel nothing? And is it ever enough toContinue reading “Unrequited Love…”

When Love Isn’t Enough…

I suppose sometimes it is not. But the question is, why? Are we making poor choices? Are we unknowingly seeking out the least attainable one because we have some deep seeded fear of a real relationship? Maybe for some people that is true, but in the grand scheme of things I think we are meantContinue reading “When Love Isn’t Enough…”


As I sit here on the eve of what is my one week countdown to Mission: Half Marathon, I find myself filled with both excitement and terror. Training for this goal of mine has been less than kind. So why the hell am I doing it?! Because there is something inside me that needs toContinue reading “MISSION: HALF MARATHON”