As I sit here on the eve of what is my one week countdown to Mission: Half Marathon, I find myself filled with both excitement and terror. Training for this goal of mine has been less than kind. So why the hell am I doing it?! Because there is something inside me that needs to know I have conquered this. I know some people have wondered why I am doing this, especially when training has been so difficult for me, but they simply are not able to understand the depth of this challenge for me. And their failure to understand is not due to incompetency, it is just that, until now, this has been something personal I have kept inside.

It is more than just a physical goal I seek, it is also one of emotion. To finish this race will be more than just completing a run for me. In taking this journey I am battling personal demons, conquering fears, and proving to myself that I can in fact do anything I set my mind to. If…no…when I finish this race I will not be the same woman I am today. With every minute of every mile I hope to shed my past. Rid myself of the old me that seems so unrelatable now. No longer being afraid of failing, no longer allowing myself to be held back from my dreams. This is a challenge I have placed for myself against my biggest opponent in life…Myself.

Too often I have shied away from what I really want in this life, and it has been purely out of fear. I have a vision for my life, goals that some can’t even dream of, and I will never see them come to light until I fully learn to set all fear aside for good and walk purely in faith. I take on this challenge to prove to no one other than myself that I can do it. I will cross that finish line. As I told my cousin earlier today, if I have to run, walk, crawl or have someone drag my tattered body over it, I will cross it 🙂

Yes, I will cross that bridge and shed my fear. I will emerge from that tunnel and feel reborn. I will cross that finish line and never look back. This is my race, my journey, my life.



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