Unrequited Love…

What is it? By Definition it is “not reciprocated or returned in kind”, this seems painfully and obviously true, but is there something deeper to it? When you love someone, and you have spent a somewhat significant portion of your life with them, how can they simply feel nothing? And is it ever enough to just know that they “care” about you? Maybe not…

But we hold on don’t we? We hold on with hope, with love, with faith. We grasp ahold of any possible glimmer of affection with the desire that it will manifest into exactly what we feel for them. But it doesn’t does it? Is it because we’re flawed in some way? Hell, we are all flawed in our own ways, so no, I don’t think that’s it. I think it’s that one is not always capable of expressing their true feelings, but the question is why?

Why can’t they express it, but why do we hang on? (Sigh) Love, Love, Love, it’s all we hear about growing up. How it’s supposed to be this saving grace from all the pain of the world, yet when we get it we seem to always find new pains don’t we? Which brings another question to mind…is it the love we can’t live without, or is it the pain? Each causes us to feel, thereby confirming our existence, but which is greater? In the case of unrequited love, I must say the pain is more intense, but the love…the love does seem to make all else disappear.

So now imagine if they would return the love. How wonderful would it be to have a life full and complete with all emotional balance? So what is the hindrance? Once again my best guess is fear. Fear, that evil word filled with death and despair of one’s hopes, dreams and desires. Fear will destroy your entire existence if you allow it to. So don’t!! Don’t be afraid of what you know will make you happy. Be more afraid of losing it, be more afraid of never trying. Life is too short for missed opportunity. Live it while you’ve got it. Do everything in your power to be as happy as you can for as long as you can. Because while you’re sitting there gripping your fear of loving someone, that person is sitting grasping their hope that you will, and all the while life is passing you both by. Open your heart. Let them in and let the fear out. If you’ve got someone in your life who accepts you entirely as you are, and who makes life a bit more bearable and enjoyable, then you’ve got it made!

There will always be difficult moments, but wouldn’t you rather have someone who you know will still love you even if you’ve just had the worst fight ever? Don’t you want someone to make up with? Someone to hold close and apologize to when you realize what a complete and utter jackass you’ve been? I know I do, but maybe that is unrequited too…


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