When Love Isn’t Enough…

I suppose sometimes it is not. But the question is, why?

Are we making poor choices? Are we unknowingly seeking out the least attainable one because we have some deep seeded fear of a real relationship? Maybe for some people that is true, but in the grand scheme of things I think we are meant to be where we are for a reason. The loves in our lives have all taught us lessons. Whether good or bad, we learned something from them. But if we’re learning then why are we making the same mistakes?

Is it possible to love someone too much? I’m beginning to think in my case this is true. I give without hesitation, I adore the person I am with to the moon and back. And it is not out of desperation, it is simply that once my heart opens to you it is like opening a floodgate for love. But with each experience I have had, I have found my love is unwelcomed. What does one do when they are practically willing to burn themselves at the stake for the one they love, yet their loved one is happily sitting by waiting to toast marshmallows in the flames?

Maybe the person you love is so broken within themselves that they believe they are incapable of loving you back. Maybe they are just terrified. Terrified of repeating their own mistakes. Terrified of being hurt again. But if you already know the other person loves you then how can you go wrong?

We have to stop being afraid of everything. All the things that could bring us the greatest joys in life are right at our fingertips, but most of us are so filled with fear that we either can’t see it or we ignore it. Fear is the greatest enemy of our happiness. We have to learn to conquer it so we can thrive, and live, and be happy the way we deserve to be.

I think sometimes we get so stuck on an ideal image of how we think our lives will be that we can’t imagine anything else. Unfortunately not everything goes as we plan. Yes, we all know that one couple who have been together since high school and are still going strong, and I think that is a beautiful thing and they are very fortunate. But some of us have to travel a different path to get to where we are going.

I know that if I had stayed where I was 15 years ago I would never be here today. I would not be writing, I would not be living, and all my creativity and belief in myself would have been forever stifled. I am now in a place where I am free to be me and I am accepted for who I am. Sure, maybe it would have been easier to stay where I was and just endure it for the status quo, but when has anything worthwhile ever been easy?

I struggle everyday with things, most of us do, but we can’t let those struggles break us because honestly and truly they are building us. There are days I would just like to hop on a plane, destination unknown, and just be. But then what? Who would I have to laugh with? Who would I have to fight with? Who would I have to laugh with about how stupid the fight was we just had? 😉

I am not without fear. I am not without insecurities. I am not without jealousy. I am not without doubt. I am human just like you, and admit or not, we all feel these emotions at some point. Sometimes they’re justified, and sometimes they are not. The key is to not let them control you. When you get a bad emotion roll with it, let it do its little song and dance in your psyche and then just shoo it along. I tell you to do this because each of those negative emotions, while controlled, teach you, build you and strengthen you.

So maybe it is true… sometimes love isn’t enough, and sometimes it’s too much. But if you have the slightest ounce of love to give then by all means share it. We are all only here for a short time, why not make that time the happiest it can be? You never know what tomorrow will bring, so love who you can, while you can. And if you have someone that loves you back then you can never go wrong. Let go of the fear and be happy!



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