What Makes You Better…

…than someone else? Is it success? Is it wealth? Is it an overabundance of friends and family? No, the only thing that could potentially make you “better” than another human being is how you treat people in your life. For example, maybe you have worked very hard to achieve your dreams, while other people are still making the climb to reach theirs, but if you are going to look smugly down upon them as they battle through their challenges, then you may as well still be at the bottom.

Really and truly none of us are better than the other; we are just all at different stages of the race. Instead of stomping each other out we should work together to reach our goals, and maybe then we would reach them a lot quicker. But the key is once we get to our goals we must remember who was there to help us along the way. They say success changes some people, and I have seen it happen, but maybe it’s not that they have changed…maybe it’s just that the ugliness hidden in their hearts is now exposed. By reaching success and bringing themselves to the light they are no longer able to hide in the shadows.

As I struggle with my climb to reach my goals, I always find myself happy for others who have reached theirs already. For me it is encouraging to see them make it. It reinforces my belief that we can all do it. And once I get there, I will forever be thankful for every single person who helped me no matter how small of a role they may have played; because really, no role is small when it comes to helping another realize their dreams.

So I guess that’s one of my starry eyed wishes for 2014; that people be a little more thoughtful, considerate, caring and encouraging, and a lot less dismissive, judgmental, heartless and cold. We all struggle, some of us more than others, but no one really knows what the other is facing until they are in their shoes…and trust me, most of us want to stay in our own shoes. Stop judging, stop assuming, and if you are curious about something, ask. Stop with the hearsay because most of it is garbage anyway.

If you have good people in your life, keep them there. If others cause drama and gossip, leave them behind. Remember this; if they are gossiping to you, then they are gossiping about you!

The bottom line for my squirrely thoughts today is simple. It is not success, wealth, nor friends and family that make you a better person…it is your heart. If it is blackened by judgment and conceit, then you are far from being better than anyone.


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