Under the “Influence”

About a year ago I felt a pull to dive into cosmetics and become an “influencer.” As a lifelong introvert who carries a fresh supply of social anxiety in her handbag, I was scared as hell to put myself out there. I had no idea where to begin, so I prayed about it, a lot.Continue reading “Under the “Influence””

You’re Too Old To Wear That

Wait, what?! Who said that?! Let me just tell you, that is a bunch of hogwash!  Over my many years of reading various fashion/beauty magazines I would always come across an article or two on what you should and should not wear based on your age. The referenced topics always seem to include makeup, fashion, hairstyles, etc. When IContinue reading “You’re Too Old To Wear That”

When Pandora Radio unexpectedly gives you writing prompts…

I got caught up in a hurricane that lasted about thirty seconds and projected me to Mars. There I found my muse who was telling me this is war before being violently pulled into a supermassive black hole. I heard myself scream, “Ten more minutes with you!”. Suddenly, there was a seven nation army marchingContinue reading “When Pandora Radio unexpectedly gives you writing prompts…”


It is passing far too quickly. There are only 6 days left until Christmas and sadly it doesn’t even feel like it. Does anyone else ever feel that way with the holidays? There is so much hoopla to prepare, and before you know it it’s gone. It seems as though I blink and time passes,Continue reading “Time…”