Little Christmas Babes

Kids ChristmasIt is passing far too quickly. There are only 6 days left until Christmas and sadly it doesn’t even feel like it. Does anyone else ever feel that way with the holidays? There is so much hoopla to prepare, and before you know it it’s gone. It seems as though I blink and time passes, seasons change, life changes, people come and go, kids grow up. Kids…my babies are getting so big now, almost 16 and 12, where did the years go?! It is sad, and exciting, and frightening all at the same time. I wonder what this world will offer them…I wonder what they will offer the world.

As this Christmas season inches closer to its end I find myself incredibly grateful. Even though things may not be “perfect” they are not horrible. And as the New Year rapidly approaches I find I am filled with excitement and hope for all the possibilities that lie within it. Anything is possible, anything can happen, and I believe this next year will be my year. My dreams have slowly begun inching forward into the light, and I know I will see them come into full bloom in 2014.

I see my writing career going into full swing, a new home on the horizon, and even great accomplishments for my children. “It’s all happening!” 🙂 This is why the New Year is magical and full of wonderment. It is a time for change, for opportunity, for fulfillment, you just have to believe.

Believe in everything, but most importantly, believe in yourself! This is our one shot to be everything we always dreamed of being. Life moves so quickly. We must remember to embrace every single moment for the precious gift that it is. Simple things even, like watching your child play soccer, or perform in a school concert. These are gifts, not obligations! We as parents have to start realizing this. We are blessed, and fortunate, and graced with the greatest gift given to man. To be entrusted with the care of a child is like nothing else on this planet. We are to protect, and teach, and love, and enjoy these children.

Sorry, I don’t mean to turn this into “Parenting 101”, but it is so important to build a balanced relationship with your child. Have fun with them, don’t dictate to them. Yes we need to be the parent before anything else, but take it from someone who has worked from the depths of her heart and soul; they will respect you and appreciate you even more if you are able to also offer a friendly shoulder or ear from time to time. Let them be themselves, and support their dreams and ambitions. Make irreplaceable memories. Show interest in their life, get to know their friends, be there for them, and spend time with them. I have always enjoyed my children, I am more than happy to let them have friends over, because quite honestly then I know where they are and what they are doing. And in doing so, their friends have shown respect and appreciation for me too. I now have many “adopted children”, and it is a wonderful thing. I am so extremely blessed. 🙂

My wish to each and every single one of you is to have the Merriest Christmas possible, and to wish you the arrival of all your greatest hopes and deepest desires in this upcoming New Year! I always find joy in the happiness and success of others, especially when they have worked so hard and are so deserving. These are more of the things that give me hope because it does really happen.

Remember, just because one day may seem a bit dreary, it is only temporary. The sun always shines again, but sometimes we just have to weather the storm to see it. Don’t take your time for granted. Don’t make hasty, hurtful decisions you know you’ll regret. Don’t give up on anything that matters to you. And don’t ever stop believing in yourself!

Time…it passes far too quickly, but it is a wonderful gift given at Christmas and all year long. Embrace it, share it, and use it wisely.



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