They All Started Somewhere…

I am what you would call an avid music lover. On any given day you can find me listening to anything from Thirty Seconds To Mars, Filter, Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, Pantera or Barbara Streisand (just to name a few). There are few genres that fail to please me, but at the core of it, I always go back to rock. Lately though I find myself searching for more to feed my musical ear, and it is in some local talents that I have been finding what I need. I think a good portion of us tend to forget that our local music scenes are continually buzzing with new and exciting things, especially here in Detroit.
Easily one of my favorites right now is The Derby Girls, a new emerging band of bright, talented “kids” (because at 38 everyone under 30 becomes a kid to you) from an area we all like to refer to as Downriver. The energy displayed when they take the stage is fierce. I love that they perform 98% original music, with only one or two covers thrown in for good measure. There’s a vibe reminiscent of The White Stripes, yet something of its own, allowing them to stand out from many other performers I’ve seen in the past. I highly recommend giving them a listen at, which you can do at and I definitely recommend catching them live! I have yet to hear someone say they were disappointed with a (The) Derby Girls  show. In fact, the consensus has been the same…impressive, original, entertaining, and worth every ounce of time and money spent!
So take a moment and show your support. Remember, all of our favorite artists had to start somewhere, and I would be exceptionally pleased to see The Derby Girls achieve their dreams and goals.



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