Why So Sad…?

Sometimes there is no easy answer. Maybe you lost a loved one. Maybe you feel like you failed at something. Maybe your pet ran away. Maybe you have no explanation at all. For a lot of us, we know why we’re sad and we manage to cope with our sorrow until it passes. But for some of us, the sorrow never goes away, for some us we just can’t cope.

There are many of us feeling a terrible loss right now. The passing of a beloved man who was one of the funniest people on the planet has broken our hearts.

If you’re like me, he came into your life in “alien form” as the charming, funny, and lovable Mork (my brother and I even had Mork suspenders) 🙂 From there I remember seeing him on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, as Popeye the Sailorman, and so many more entertaining roles. As an adult, his stand up routines have brought me to tears from laughing so hard.

But now I find myself with tears of sadness.

Shock and disbelief has filtered into our homes. To hear that someone once perceived as eternally jolly, was in fact struggling for happiness, is completely unfathomable. Sadly, this is another reminder that we are all facing challenges, and that we should be conscientious of others.

There are some who want to say he was “selfish”, when in fact your disrespectful comment was selfish, and heartless. (http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/todd-bridges-apologises-calling-robin-4039235) Just because you’ve had your own battles with personal demons and came through it does not mean others will. And if they can’t find their way, if the darkness consumes their spirit, it is for no one else to judge. You weren’t fighting their battle.

Now, while I am not able to comment on the clinical aspect of depression, I can comment on the emotional aspect. Depression has been ever-present in my life. Whether it be family members, friends, or my own personal struggles, it is something I am familiar with. I know the weight of darkness, the suffocation of despair, and while I may not understand reaching that point of no return, I do understand the magnetism. I know what is to be surrounded by people, and yet feel like you have no one to talk to…to feel you will be judged and misunderstood.

There is a difference between sadness and depression. Sadness is something you share, sadness is sometimes felt by a group of people, much like what we are feeling now. But depression…depression is personal. Depression isn’t a “mood”, it is an altered perception, a disorder, an illness. Unfortunately though, there are still people who don’t see it that way. There are still people who judge, and therefore, the ones who are suffering are fearful to speak up.

So, to those judgmental souls out there, I have a question for you. If someone you knew was diagnosed with cancer, and then began chemo and radiation treatments, and took medication for the pain, and maybe even sought out a counselor to help them learn how to cope with their illness, would you criticize them? Would you judge them? Would you make snide remarks and call them selfish? Most likely you would not. So why the stigma on mental health disorders?

We need to shed more light on these illnesses. Just because it doesn’t show in the physical form does not mean it isn’t real. Sadly, by the time it does present in the physical form, it is often too late.

If any of you reading this are struggling, please know that you are not alone. You do have people to turn to. You can even call (800)273-TALK. There is always someone somewhere who can help. But you must reach out…please reach out! There are people who love you, and who need you. Do not be afraid to strive for happiness. Yes, it will be a battle, but it’s a battle you can win. And yes, some days will be better than others, but that’s the good news! Just because today may seem like the worst day of your life, it doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be the best…so get to tomorrow! Stay with us…Fight…Do not give up!

To our beloved Robin Williams: I am so sorry that you suffered, and I wish you could have found just one more ounce of hope to hold on to. I pray for peace upon your soul, and for strength and love upon your family. “Oh Captain, My Captain”, we will all remember you fondly, with nothing but laughter and smiles. Until we meet again….Nanu Nanu ❤

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