Now that I have your attention…What do men want? What do they need? Questions they often ask about us right? And they sit, just as confused as we are. I think we are all equally complex in our own individual ways, and in order to maintain some sort of balance and stability in our relationships we need to realize our needs don’t differ all that much.

Men are the heroes, yes? They have a natural instinct to save the day, to be the protector, the provider…that’s true to some extent, but they are also human beings with emotions just like the rest of us. (Gasp!) Men have emotions?! Yes indeed, they very much do. The question is, how often do we as women give them the platform to express them?

Women are the damsels in distress, right? It’s true, many of us would like to be “rescued”, to be taken care of, to live the “fairytale” life…but this is not Walt Disney World that we live in. We are human beings as well, and while we are generally more expressive with our emotions, we are also quite capable of taking care of what is necessary without our male counterpart.

Now, I am not trying to make one sex out to be more superior to the other, quite the opposite actually. I would like for us to broaden the spectrum when we think of one another.

Women have the ability to be strong, independent, go-getters, to provide for the family, to keep that family safe, but it should never come at the expense of your man’s ego. Yes, it is a real thing, and it is very fragile. There is no need to degrade, or belittle him, nor should he ever do that to you.

Men require the same emotional support that we as women do, but it is so easy to forget that. We get so consumed with our own wants and desires, that we don’t realize they have their own wants and desires too…and no, it’s not only boobs and beer! They have bad days too, sometimes people piss them off, etc. Whatever it is, it is important to remember men have insecurities, fears and vulnerabilities just like us.

I think it is important for us ladies to allow our men the opportunity to express those feelings. Sometimes we need to be strong for them. Sometimes we need to be the one listening, and not the one talking. Relationships are never perfectly equal, but there should be equality in the care and concern you have for one another.

I certainly do not claim to be an expert on any of this, and some may argue that I am completely wrong. These are simply my opinions and viewpoints, but it is something I take to heart, based off unpleasant situations I witnessed growing up.

So to sum things up, be considerate. If you are in a relationship, remember you are not in it alone. Neither one of you is better than the other. You each bring something to the relationship (at least you should be) and we need to appreciate each other for that. Regardless of who “wears the pants”, you both share the love, so show it.






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