The Death of Romance?

Is romance dead? Personally, I don’t think so, but I do believe it has been forced to the back burner of life. We all find ourselves so consumed with work, children, finances, etc., but what about our relationships? Why do we wait until we get to the point of “I don’t know what happened” before we realize how much the other person means to us? If the relationship is good, and you make each other happy, then start learning how to build on that. When everything else around you seems as if it’s falling apart, remind yourself that you are very fortunate for having someone in your life who will care for you and love you in spite of all obstacles and challenges. So you did not meet a deadline, you encountered unbelievable road rage, your child is sick, you bounced a check, or you ran out of beer…well guess what? Shit happens a.k.a. life. Don’t let it break you, because it’s only a moment in time. Take this opportunity to call your other half, or stop by to see their beautiful face, allow them the opportunity to be the partner they should be, and when necessary, return the favor.  Sometimes we need someone to hold us up a bit to feel better, sometimes we need to be the one holding someone up to feel better. It can, at times, be a pleasant distraction to forget about our worries for a while and help someone out with theirs.


And so, back to the romance. It is not dead. It is simply hidden under a mist of distraction. Don’t allow life’s unpleasant obstacles to take you away from the beautiful joys that are at hand. Appreciate each other, care for each other, lean on each other, and support each other. We don’t get many chances to find someone to balance our lives, so when you do, don’t let it sail away. Flowers? Sure they’re nice. Poems? Always enchanting. Heartfelt emails/letters? It nice to know what they feel inside. But sometimes a simple gaze into one’s eyes, a soft stroke of the cheek, a smile for some unknown reason, a kiss on the forehead, or the pushing back of one’s hair is all that is needed. Romance doesn’t have to be costly, and it shouldn’t be. Romance, by definition, is simply “a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.” I think we can all manage that can’t we?


So it’s simple, embrace what you have, nurture it, never neglect it, and remember when all the world comes crashing down, at least you won’t have to suffer the impact alone.




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